#MyGratitudeJar – Day Fourteen

Peace in What Used to Be Stressful

I’m thankful for not stressing today. For those that know me, you can probably attest to my high stress levels on any given Sunday night when I’m enrolled in school.  Sunday night is the end of the school week and the deadline for all coursework and graded assignments for the week. I’m a bit of a procrastinator (for good reason though, although I’m sure every procrastinator can come up with a “good reason”). I work all week and when the weekend comes, I either find myself working on the house or just wanting to relax. And then the dread sets in that the end of the weekend is near and I have to read and come up with meaningful responses to discussion questions and there’s probably a quiz or two I missed and some homework that would make sense if I took my time on it… You get the picture.

Well, that DID NOT happen today. I didn’t procrastinate. I planned my week and stuck to my schedule. I’ll admit that I deviated a little bit from it, but I knew in my heart that the one thing I don’t want to do at 2359 on Sunday night was rushing to submit any assignment. And I’m thankful for my peaceful day and for turning in all my assignments on my own and on time.

#MyGratitudeJar – Day Eleven

Easy like Thursday Morning…

I’m thankful for my smooth, stress-free morning. It set the tone for the rest of the day and it truly was a wonderful, easy-going day. I had plenty of cuddle time with my little one. He enjoyed his day at school. I had a good day back to work after being out sick for a few days. Traffic wasn’t horrible. Nothing upset me or irritated me today. I even managed to do a little shopping after work. Nothing major – just a few necessities, materials for a project I’d like to do, and some cards to send my loved ones to let them know they’re special to me. Yes, today was such a wonderful day and I’m truly thankful for it.



#MyGratitudeJar – Day Ten

My Pledge for Self-Care

I’m thankful for finally realizing that self-care is a necessity.  There’s nothing like a sniffle or crud that makes you come to realize a few things like:health-2082630_640

  • your co-workers don’t want your germs
  • your work will be there when you return
  • you’re no good until you can function coherently
  • a little rest does a whole lot of good


I will admit – I was always the one to “power through” my illness, thinking my so-called bravery is for the greater good of getting the job done and not letting those around me down. But if I’m honest with myself, the only one I’m hurting is me. By not taking the time to recover and rest, I’m wearing myself down and taking even longer to get back to being my usual cheerful, healthy self. Lesson learned!

Ready, Set, Commit!

Yes, it’s the new year…

and I’m sure many are making their resolutions and giving it a real solid effort this month.

But I want more than that. No, scratch that. I NEED more than that.  What I’m talking about is an honest commitment to better myself.  I’m going for that one step at a time, no rush, making sure it lasts, type of thing. ☺️

And honestly, that’s the truth behind this blog. The reason I write is to keep myself accountable to the betterment of me in front of all you lovely strangers out there. 😉 You’re welcome!

So allow me to take the first step and officially write out my goals.

Blog Images 800x800

Wait a minute… did I just put myself last?! 😱 Let’s try this again.

Blog Images 800x800-3

Now that’s better! 😏

You see, the goals aren’t new. The only difference between me working on them now and my failed attempts in the past is the very first goal:


So this year I will carve some time to myself to work on myself. And the end result will be brilliant I tell you! Besides…

“You can’t pour from an empty cup.”